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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As an organisation, we have in place a procedure to keep all the instructions and information you provide to us confidential. This means that we will not disclose any information that you provide to us to any person or body,

  • whose knowledge of your case/ information and whose involvement are NOT considered as necessary for the success of your application, and
  • who is not required by law to learn about your case, without your written approval.

There are specific and limited circumstances where this organisation will be compelled to disclose information by reason of a legal regulatory obligation. Full details of this are available upon request.

It should be noted that the regulating body, the OISC, can examine our files. This is largely done to ensure that quality of advice is maintained, not to disclose that information to the prejudice to your case.

On completion of matters, we will return your original documents to you unless otherwise agreed with you. Westkin Associates will undertake to retain files for at least six years in line with Commissioners Code of Standards.

We reserve the right to destroy the files without further reference to clients after retaining the files for the period stated above.