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Compliance Services

Tier 2 Employers

As a market leading immigration firm we have extensive experience making Tier 2 visa applications on behalf of employers trading in the UK. Our experts are on hand to alleviate the immigration concerns of companies and provide a tailored service to fit all needs. With Westkin, you know that your company is in safe, expert hands.

Our compliance services are individually designed to meet each client’s needs, providing expert legal advice, hands-on immigration services and, most importantly for any business, value for money. Our services can include anything from applications for a sponsorship licence, which we have extensive experience of organising, through mock audits, where we can work through all employee files to ensure compliance with the immigration rules, to providing guidance and training to HR departments so as to ensure the compliance of recruitment processes, as well as resolving any follow-up immigration issues concerning employees. Our expert immigration lawyers provide training to immigration lawyers and solicitors across the industry and can use their expertise to help draft relevant sections in company handbooks so as to ensure companies comply with the latest UK visa requirements for all employees.

Westkin is also on hand to help companies with any impending inspections of an urgent nature, and can provide our expert immigration lawyers at short notice so as to ensure immigration compliance where there is a pressing need. Our experience tells us that companies are delighted with the quality of the services we provide and the value for money we offer here at Westkin through our transparent and fair billing system. We are proud to offer industry-leading services at a fair price, so that with Westkin our clients know that they are in the safest of hands.

Please contact us for more information about the compliance services we offer and to obtain a fixed quote.

Tier 4 Establishments

Westkin is a market leading immigration firm with extensive experience advising educational establishments through compliance with the Immigration Rules. We have processed countless student visa applications and our expert immigration lawyers provide training to other lawyers and solicitors in the industry, so we are in a unique position to advise and train organisations on all compliance and sponsorship issues. Widely publicised changes to the law that came into effect on 21 April 2011 have made it significantly more difficult for educational establishments to obtain sponsorship licences. These changes were designed to ensure that sponsors take immigration compliance seriously, and that students are complying with the terms of their visas. With our experience providing services to universities, colleges and schools across the UK, we can provide training and guidance so as to ensure your organisation complies with all the latest immigration policies, including applications for sponsorship licences up to ‘Highly Trusted Sponsor’ status and the fulfilment of sponsors’ legislative obligations. Further changes have been envisaged in forthcoming legislation, and Westkin are on hand to arrange seminars discussing recent developments in the immigration sector and their potential impact on educational establishments.

In addition to this, we are of course a leading London immigration firm, and are on hand to help with any immigration concerns involving individual students. Our services encompass the whole process, ranging from initial applications and visa extensions all the way through to switching visas and immigration appeals. Our expert lawyers at Westkin provide market leading immigration services and can walk you through the entire immigration process, ensuring complete peace of mind.

We offer clients a huge amount of immigration expertise developed over years of practise but, equally, providing our clients with transparent billing and value for money lies at the heart of Westkin’s philosophy. Please look through our website for more detailed information on Tier 4 applications, and contact our team to discuss any immigration concerns you might have.