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One Hour Consultation

Fixed fee consultation

As a firm which prides itself on its expertise and the value for money it provides, Westkin can offer clients the option of a one-off fixed fee consultation. This consultation can be arranged for clients who are unsure as to the extent of assistance they will require. The consultation will last one hour and we will go through your options with you and the possible courses for you to follow, advising you on all visa options and requirements.

There will be no obligation to continue as a client at Westkin, and we will provide you with a precise quote for exactly how much work would be required, and how much Westkin would charge, if you were to instruct us to take on your case. At Westkin we pride ourselves on our transparency and the value for money we offer for our services, and there are no hidden charges or fees. This quote is fixed in terms of the amount of work we will need to do, and it will not change unless we have received specific authorisation from you. Should you decide to opt for peace of mind and let us take on your case, this fixed fee will be deducted from the final fee charged.

Westkin also offers a document checking service, to help you ensure you have all the necessary supporting evidence with your application.